Hello world!


I’m trying new things in 2009. I’m broadening my horizons. Never thought I would have anything worth blogging about, but who cares. I am a yoga teacher. I am a Pilates teacher. I am a studio owner. But most importantly, I’m a mom. I feel like an earth mother. But I am most definitely my boys’ mommy. Nothing like it and nothing better.

I can’t believe I finally own a studio. Although I use to think it would be a dance studio, I figured out that was not my calling. I have found my calling! I love sharing yoga with people. Yoga changed everything about my life. How I looked at the world, myself, my friends, my family and perfect strangers. One day in yoga class, I was overcome with this feeling that I had to do this. I had to do it my way. And it’s day by day, but I really do think I’m doing alright at this.

Even though everything in my life isn’t exactly going as I would have planned, I have found that I hold the secret to happiness. Santosha/Contentment. It’s all about breathing, being thankful and believing that there is a higher power. Things are happening to everyone so that they can grow and evolve spiritually. If you don’t fight it, it will happen. I do my very best to love all I can and spread any joy I can. Some days I succeed, some days I fail. But everyday I learn.


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