Calm during the storm


Some strengths are God-given and some we cultivate ourselves. I am so thankful for the ones that come easy, but so proud of the ones I can take credit for. I’ve been through quite a few storms. Of many different types. I’ve handled some badly and I’ve handled others better.

My 7th grade teacher told me (in front of the whole class) that I wore my heart on my sleeve. I never took kindly to this idea. Although sincerity is a good thing, I didn’t want to be that person that let the world know how she felt at all times. So here’s what happened. Yoga helped me realize that no matter what’s going on around me in my life, if I can stay calm inside, I can stay calm outside, and I will be okay. I would get in these postures that would kick my butt. I was almost miserable. But I would know that I was okay. I wasn’t going to break. It wouldn’t last forever. It became the biggest metaphor to my life I could find.

So I started living each day, each moment that way. No matter how bad things seem, if I keep believing that this won’t break me and it won’t last forever, I’ll be alright. Gandhi said “A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.” I really want to become someone who brings love and peace to the world.

My friends sometimes tell me that they would never know anything was wrong in my life, even if I’m going through some of my toughest times. And that has got to be the best compliment ever. It means that I can show my boys that you can get drenched from the storm, but the sun is going to come up, so just calmly wait for it. It won’t break you if you won’t let it.


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