Everything Starts With a Thought

Thoughts-main_FullOnce you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I can vividly remember the first time I ever practiced half lotus into crane balance.  I had thought about it so many times and as much as I could imagine myself doing it, there was a little fear in me that kept me from trying.  On this particular day, my teacher said “Everything starts with a thought, so maybe just think about it today and eventually it will happen.”  I had thought about it so many times that I decided today must be my day.  So I bent over ever so slowly and when my fingers hit the floor I felt this burst of happiness like I can’t explain.  That day I felt like I had conquered a fear and I was so proud of myself.  And when I placed my knee on the back of my arm and wrapped my foot around the other and lifted my foot off the floor into my arm balance, I was over the moon.

Suddenly, I could look at the whole world in a more hopeful light.  If I could bring something new into my life by just thinking about it, imagine the possibilities.  I started letting my thoughts take me to lots of new frontiers.  I thought that I could be as happy as I want to be.  I could be in control of my life.  I could have the type of life, home, family and career that I had always wanted.  But like everything else, I suppose, there might be a price to pay.

Figuring out that my life had brought me to a place where I felt muffled and way more uptight than I should have been was a blessing.  I started thinking about the person, the mother and the friend I wanted to be.  Since I knew now how powerful my thoughts could be, I was much more selective about which ones I let linger around for a while.  If I had a thought that I didn’t feel good about, I quickly pushed it away.

The only negative to this was that to achieve all these wonderful thoughts, I would have to make some big changes.  These changes would force me to leave behind some old ways, and in turn, leave behind some important players in my life.

But I know now how mighty my thoughts are and how able I am.  But like the old saying goes “be careful what you wish for” I’m more wise to the understanding that there must be a sacrifice for anything worth achieving.  When I meditate or pray, I ask that God and the universe will bring me my heart’s desires, but I’m careful to express that I only want these things if others won’t be hurt in my wake.




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