Arbitrary Beacons

I realized something today while having lunch with a friend:   People’s minds do not work the same.  I guess I knew that, but sometimes a conversation with someone really brings it to the light.  And it can make you notice a way your own mind works that might not always be the best way to approach things in life.

I have always believed that if something came into my life that it was suppose to be there for some meaningful experience that God surely wants me to have.  I’m not saying that all of these experiences should be earth-shattering, but each one is taking me on the path for the knowledge and wisdom that I need to achieve while here on Earth.  This is why I usually have a hard time saying no to opportunities for new experiences.  If I turn it down, I might be stunting my soul’s growth in some way.  This has served me well in some cases, but there may have been times when I spread myself way too thin and did some things I didn’t really want to do because I thought the universe wanted me to do it for some cosmic reason.

My friend, on the other hand, believes that most things in life are random.  She admits that some things are definitely meant to be and some encounters are part of a plan, but most of the time she goes around thinking that we are here and things are happening and there’s no need to grasp any deeper meaning for it.

So now I’m perplexed.  I kind of like my way of thinking that me and the universe are in this thing together.  But I also kind of like the idea that I don’t have to look for deeper meanings in things all around me.  I love the idea of serendipity.  I have little fantasies about being somewhere and changing someone’s life for the better and not ever even knowing I did anything.  But it’s also nice to think that if I’m having a really crappy day and do something really stupid, that it’s just one day and no damage was done.

Life is mysterious and life can be simple.   All people are good and all people are bad.  Experiences open us up and experiences close us down.  Some days are meant to teach and some days are meant to just live.  I’m right and she’s right.  So maybe I can cut myself a little slack when I can’t figure out the lesson something should be teaching me, but also be grateful when the lesson is clear.  I’m going to try to soak up the joy in life more just for joy’s sake.


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