It Will Take the Rest of Your Life

When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly live life. – Greg Anderson

I read an article by a yoga teacher encouraging students to take their time in their practice.  He said that students often ask him how long it will take reach the yogic goal, and his answer is “It will take the rest of your life.”  Which is great news since that means we have our entire lifetime to achieve our goals.  No rush.

In my quest for patience with myself, my life and God, this was a very encouraging thought.  I always wish I could know when.  I look for signs and ask for answers, but the truth is that if things I want and wish and pray for are meant to be, I have my whole life to want and wish and pray for them.  But it’s hard work.

On my yoga mat, I’m not afraid or discouraged by hard work.  There are good days and better days, but I never stop.  I wouldn’t dream of stopping — ever.  I need to apply that same determination to other goals in my life.  Sometimes I feel beaten down by life and like I’ve been treated unfairly in some way.  I want to give up.  Some days I even make a conscious decision to stop working and wishing for the things I don’t yet have.  I’m so grateful that yoga teaches me about perseverance and patience.

A happy life is a hopeful life.  Without faith and aspirations, we might become solemn or bitter.  Knowing that someday you will receive or achieve your dreams makes life exciting and satisfying.  I don’t even care if it all happens on my very last day. I wouldn’t want to miss the heart, the experience or the journey of yoga and life.  They go hand in hand with me down this winding road and for that I give thanks.


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