The Space Between

But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. – Kahlil Gibran

The space between what’s right and wrong is where you’ll find me hiding, waiting for you.  The space between your heart and mine is the space we’ll fill with time. – Dave Matthews

Desire is just as important as fulfillment.  Ideas are just as valuable as accomplishments.  Patience is just as essential as productivity.

The spaces between successes are not glamorous or exciting.  They are hard and can be filled with anxiety and angst, frustration and sadness.  But those spaces are where life truly exists.  It is the place where we find our hearts and our souls and what our lives are honestly about.  I read somewhere that the meaning of life sits in the space between our thoughts.  The only times I’ve ever been able to find that chasm between my thoughts has been while I was meditating.  When I go there, I’m filled with a rushing feeling that everything is going to be okay and that everything in the world is just as it should be.  It’s a place where worry doesn’t exist and the past means nothing.

I know far too many people who keep themselves busy at any cost.  If they see an opportunity for an empty day or hour or minute, they search madly for a way to fill it.  I, too, have done the same thing.  But the years of my life are teaching me that staying busy isn’t the same as living.  Finding stillness is not wasted time.  It’s the only point where you can find out who you really are.

I believe that we as people spend way too much time looking forward to or hoping for the next thing.  We want to find someone to fall in love with, we want to get married, we want to have babies, buy houses, get new jobs, go see new places.  All the while we’re wanting, life is going on right under our noses.  We’re laughing, crying, smiling, frowning, overwhelmed, bored, afraid, loved, wanted, needed, accepted and rejected.  Without any of those things, life would lose meaning.  Happiness would lose its value.

Sometimes I’m a lot of fun and other times I’m a complete downer.  Sometimes I’m smart and sometimes I’m a total airhead.  Sometimes I’m sweet and loving and at times I’m a real wench.  But none of that matters when I’m still.  You can only hear when you listen.  I feel peace when I’m not afraid of what I’ll find in my empty spaces.


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