Get Out of My Way

Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become. – Unknown

If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.  -Toni Morrison

In yoga there are active postures where you have to engage and energize the body to get deeper and there are surrendering postures where you must let go and relax the body to get deeper.  When I’m in pigeon pose I will grip my lower body to keep my thigh from relaxing to the floor on those days that I feel tight in the hips.  If I take deep breaths and send the relaxed energy of my exhales to the hip, I find that I let go and find a deeper expression of the posture.  If I continue to tighten the muscles around my hip, I stay exactly where I am no matter how long I hold it. I don’t feel as much sensation, but I don’t get anywhere either.  In surrendering postures, I must get out of my way to go anywhere.

When I’m afraid of something that I think I want, I have a way of doing the same thing.  Instead of gripping my muscles, I make excuses, feel sorry for myself and develop a fear of feeling or experiencing something new.  Experience can do that to a person.  We know that new things in our lives can lead to good and bad at the very same time, so we sacrifice the good stuff to avoid the bad parts.  Life is scary and we learn that we only think we want certain things.  I can remember my mom’s mantra to me as I was growing up, “Be careful what you wish for”.  So I am.

But the heart wants what the heart wants and to live my life to the fullest  (which is what I’m here for, after all)  I have to surrender.  I have to get the heck out of my way and go for the things I hope for.  I know there will be a price.  But I have an abundance of everything, so I can afford to spend a little of what I have to get the things I still want.

I want to grow and change and become.  I don’t want to stand still in the middle of the world as everything passes quickly by.  Faith is a way of getting out of your own way.  Believing that things will be fine and then letting go of your fear and cynicism.  So I must surrender, have faith, move over, relax, open up and let my abundance flow.


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