Yoga for Couples

Here’s my latest article for the Stanly News and Press:

Not only is Yoga great for individuals, it is also beneficial for couples.  Yoga can be a wonderful tool for finding a deeper connection with your partner.  There are different ways that this can happen and the level and experience of each person in the partnership is not important.  What is important is that both people approach the study of Yoga with no expectations of the other and with nothing but kindness and support.

This togetherness can happen by simply practicing Yoga next to your partner in a class.  The feeling that you are experiencing something at the same time in the same space can be bonding.  It will give you something to talk about, compare and analyze after class.

Even if the two of you both practice at different times, you may still experience closer feelings by sharing a healthy habit and by teaching each other new things you learn in class.

Another fun thing to bond a couple is starting a home practice together.  Try designating a time to roll out your mats and practice poses side by side in a partner-style Yoga.  You can use each other to hold for help with balance and you can gently push and pull each other to find deeper expressions of the poses.

Acroyoga can be a challenging place to go with a partner or a friend to help with trust and body awareness.  When someone else is depending on you to support their body or when you have to surrender yourself and your safety to another person, an alliance is naturally formed. These poses can be more difficult, so it is a good idea to find a class or workshop to learn these techniques with a qualified teacher.

Regardless of the style of Yoga you choose with your significant other, you will find that breathing together in a peaceful practice will create feelings of closeness in new or seasoned relationships.




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