Finish Yoga With a Twist

My Yogi friend, Tonya, looking like an album cover.

I like to start my Yoga practice with a Child’s Pose and I like to finish with a Reclined Spinal Twist.  Finishing with a gentle twist feels relaxing for the back and gets the body ready for resting in Savasana.  But not only does it feel amazing, it is also very good for your insides.

All twists aid in digestion and help to energize and renew and actually wring out the internal organs throughout the entire torso.  Twisting helps the body to release toxins as it tones the organs.  By practicing this posture every day, I feel like my immune system is stronger and all the bad stuff that gets in can get squeezed out.

Taking your twist on your back allows gravity to help you relax deeper in the pose. Keeping the spine flexible is one of the keys to staying young and agile and when you can lie back and enjoy the pose, you will stay longer and let the muscles, bones and connective tissue open and stay loose.

To practice Reclined Spinal Twist, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor.  Bring one knee at a time into your chest and give them a nice, tight hug before you let them fall to the right.  Open your arms to the sides and turn your gaze to the left as you let your shoulders melt into the floor.  Do not worry if the left shoulder does not connect with the floor, but use your exhales to let it relax closer and closer as you stay in the asana.  Let your breath flow long and easily through your nose for as long as you feel comfortable holding the posture.  As you come out, bring the knees back to your chest and lift the head toward the knees before you let the legs fall to the left and gaze to the right.

After twisting on both sides, you can stretch the legs out and let your arms drop by your sides and you rest in Corpse Pose, feeling fresh and renewed and clean from the inside out.


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