I am a Warrior

Cindy headstand“The only thing worse than fighting a giant scorpion was fighting a giant scorpion who was trying to protect her young.” -Suzanne Collins

“There’s no bitch on earth like a mother frightened for her kids.” – Stephen King

I usually write about accepting things as they are and surrendering into your life.  I normally write about the power of forgiveness and compassion for the good of the world.  I generally write about how my Yoga practice helps me to feel more peaceful and kind.  I ordinarily write about how divorce and single parenting can challenge you to become more tolerant.  This is an exceptional post, because today I am writing about how Yoga empowers me to trust my intuition and to stand firm in what I know to be true and right like the warrior I am.

I smile a lot, I like to make people happy and I don’t like confrontation.  In general, I think these are good traits.  But when I am forced into a position of having to defend myself or my children, you should know that you will see a different kind of yogi here. For all the Pigeons and Forward Folds I do, I am also busting out Chaturangas and Warrior II’s like nobody’s business. I can hold my entire body up on my two small hands. I am strong and a good practice can make me feel like I can stand up to anything just as much as it can bring me more peace.  There is peace living inside power.  Powerlessness is fear and there is no peace in fear.  Peace is courage and knowledge and wisdom.

My life, the universe and God are challenging me and forcing me to see what I am made of.  I have answered with resistance to conflict until the world reminded me that there is a time for everything.  Gandhi advocated peace but still had to protest.  A balanced Yoga practice includes surrendering poses and empowering poses, but always honors the body with non-violence.  The same goes for our interactions with the people who come into our lives.  We cannot always get our way, but we mustn’t give up what we know to be right.  We must learn to communicate without violence, but we must find a way to be heard and to protect what we are entrusted to protect.

As I grow deeper in my understanding of intuition and what I can do with it, I find that it is a gift that comes with much responsibility.  These feelings I have must be addressed and action must be taken or I have wasted an important message the universe was trying to convey.  A friend and I use to laugh about our mistakes and just say we were “young and dumb”.  I am no longer that young and I am no longer dumb or deaf or blind.  My intentions will always be to spread love and happiness wherever possible, but I will also proudly protect and defend all that is precious to me.


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