Yoga for Hair Loss

Yogi John has one nice head of hair.
Yogi John has one nice head of hair.

I was inspired to write about how Yoga can help with hair loss when a friend told me that he had begun losing his hair during a stressful time in his life and since he has started a consistent Yoga practice, his hair has come back in thick and healthy.  Baldness can be hereditary, but hair loss can also be caused by stress, hormonal imbalances, medication and medical conditions.  Yoga can be a safe and beneficial way to improve your overall health.

A balanced Yoga practice including supine, prone, seated, standing, balancing and inverted poses and pranayama, or breath work, can create an overall sense of calm and joy by sending fresh, oxygenated blood all over the body.  This fact alone could help with hair loss or any other condition caused by stress, depression, anxiety or trauma.  The poses also stimulate the endocrine system to help balance hormones and hormone deficiencies can effect how you look and feel.

Sending lots of blood flowing to the head and scalp can encourage hair growth and increase oxygen to the brain, and although Yoga is not a magic pill, it is a healthy way to look and feel you best.  A student at Albemarle Pilates and Yoga, John Foutz told me “When I was going through a bad year (2011), the stress made me lose my hair.  Throughout this year, a lot has come back.  The same lady has been cutting my hair since I was 12, so she knows my head and saw my hair become brittle and thin and come back to what it is now.  She asks me monthly what I’m doing and I tell her Yoga, enjoying life and eating healthy.”

These poses and breathing techniques, along with a healthy lifestyle, can help you achieve healthy hair: alternate nostril breathing, kapalabhati breathing, cat/cow, downward facing dog, rabbit, shoulder stand, headstand, standing forward fold, camel, and plow.  Do your research before trying these poses and/or take Yoga classes with a certified Yoga instructor for safety and modifications.


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