Yoga is for the Whole Family

One of my favorite Yogi families
One of my favorite Yogi families

Two of the best things about Yoga are that the whole family can participate and that people in all stages of life can benefit from it. Babies are natural Yogis, hence the commonly used Child’s Pose.  We were all more flexible as children.  If I had a dime for every time someone told me that they use to be able to touch their toes or do splits, I would be one wealthy Yoga teacher.  (The trick is to never stop stretching and practice Yoga for life.)  Childhood is not as easy as some of us may remember, so Yoga is a great way for kids to deal with stress and learn to love and accept themselves.

Teens can benefit from the hormonal balancing of a regular practice and the comfort Yoga can give them with their changing bodies.  As we move into adulthood, the need to take care of the body becomes greater and the practices established in the twenties can set the stage for the rest of our lives.

Pre-natal Yoga is a wonderful way for a woman to prepare for motherhood by staying in touch with her body and by staying calm on the eve of some big changes.  Feeling good about her body when she is pregnant can help a woman take better care of herself during and after pregnancy.  Post-natal Yoga can be a gentle way to strengthen the body while helping the new mother deal with the stress of caring for a newborn.

Seniors can continue to practice Yoga, which will help them get on the floor to play with their grandchildren.  But if the time comes that someone can no longer get down to and back up from the floor, Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to care for the body and soul.

In this busy world, Yoga is one of the few things that everyone in the family can do and enjoy.  As we find ourselves living longer lives, it is imperative that we embrace lifelong activities that nourish and build up the energy of the body, rather than exhaust it and set the stage for injuries and pain later in life.  You will never regret making time for you and your family to learn and practice Yoga.


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