Gratitude for Abundance

Meditating on gratitude can change the way your whole world looks.
Meditating on gratitude can change the way your whole world looks.

“By waking up in gratefulness, we set the tone for the day; we step into a particular groove; we open our eyes in search of both the obvious and the hidden blessings that God has set before us.” -Rabbi Shefa Gold

Our lives are filled with abundance, but it’s easy to forget about all we have when our thoughts go to things we lack or desire.  It’s nice to use our yoga practice to help remind us of all that we have.  First, you have found a refuge on your yoga mat, so no matter what poses you practice or how well you could balance on a given day, you have given yourself a gift of time, caring for your body while you quiet and calm the mind.  You have a body that is strong and healthy enough to include an asana practice in your life and that is a lot to be grateful for.

As you breathe, inhale gratitude and let it fill you up inside and exhale letting go of worry or feelings of lack.  Throughout your practice and your day, reflect on things you are grateful for – from the most general, like family, friends and a home, to the most specific, like a conversation that put you at ease or a moment spent sitting in the sun.

“There’s a self-expansive aspect of gratitude.  Very possibly it’s a little known law of nature: the more gratitude you have, the more you have to be grateful for.” – Elaine St. James


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