Mother’s Day Sadness and Blessings

These two made me a mom.
These two made me a mom.

We had rose bushes when I was a kid and I can remember one Mother’s Day my mom giving me and my sister a red rose to wear to church.  She told me a story of how my father has sad memories of having to wear a white rose to church when he was a boy because his mother died when he was three years old. This struck me as unfair and I didn’t understand why you would make someone wear their pain pinned right there on their church clothes.

So Mother’s Day has always seemed like an unfair holiday to me. There are people who have lost their mothers; people who never had a mother; people who have lost the children they were a mother to; people who had to let someone else be their child’s mother; people who always wanted to be a mother and couldn’t; people who’s mother was abusive, making them feel like they were somehow robbed of the mother they were suppose to get.

I am blessed beyond measure to be a mother and to have learned from the many mother-figures in my life what I do and do not want to be as a mom, so I am grateful on this day. I hope it brings love, appreciation and respect to all of the women who made loving and caring for a child more important than their own needs and pain. It is also my hope that everyone who feels cheated out of the mother or the mothering everyone deserves, can feel God’s motherly arms wrapped around them in comfort and love, today and everyday.


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