My Guru

My two favorite gurus
My two favorite gurus

When I started becoming more deeply involved in Yoga and living a Yogic lifestyle, I questioned everything, including what I ate and what magazines I read.  The topic of having a guru held a huge question mark for me as I read and listened to different teachers and practitioners.  I am completely open to different ways of feeling supported and dealing with life, especially healthy ones like friendship and therapy.  But the concept of trusting someone I may or may not know, or may or may not know me, to give me blanket advice didn’t give me ease.

Thankfully, I had a Yoga teacher who brought up gurus one day and stated that she had a guru for problems with her car, questions about her hair, advice about raising her children.  That was the best yoga news I had heard in a long time! Suddenly, the universe became my guru.  There were resources all around me and all I had to do was put my questions out there and answers would soon come back.  I just had to decipher who to give which questions to.

Admittedly, I have sought help from the wrong people at times, but as I continue on my journey of learning about life and how I should be living mine, I am getting better at judging who to trust with my questions and my heart.

I have also accepted that the universe as a whole, not just the people in it, is my guru.  The problems that arise and keep coming up are my lessons and  instead of stuffing them down, I need to ponder them until they are dealt with and put in the out box.

My body is my guru. It tried to tell me how to treat it for years through pain and injury. It took a solid, consistent and mindful Yoga and Pilates practice to finally convince me that my body knew more than my brain or the girl next to me at the gym.

So I don’t need a shrine or to light candles next to a picture to receive help navigating my life.  My body, my life and the people I choose to have in it are my teachers and my guides.


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